Why are we afraid of being wrong?

It is common to see people defend misinformation and outright lies in some cases with boldness and courage that are usually reserved for war situations, and once you challenge them with facts and truth, they abandon the issue and come after you especially when they cannot defend the lies. This seems to be common with educated Nigerians who usually over rate themselves and believe that they cannot be wrong on any issue even as they commit...... Read more >>

Category: Development | By Afam Nnaji on April, 14 2011

Will our education system ever recover?

Whether the strikes were politically motivated or based on demands by teachers and workers for improved welfare, the end result would only mean that students never graduated when they ought to. Now, the situation is very bad. Quality and qualified teachers have abandoned teaching in favour of other better paying jobs, leaving the students at the mercy of fly by night teachers and lecturers who have taken up teaching either due to lack of options or...... Read more >>

Category: Education | By Afam Nnaji on April, 4 2011

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