The real problems with ATM card fraud

It is a shame that we have the high level of ATM card fraud in Nigeria when most (if not all) of the fraudulent activities could be checkmated or prevented. Read more >>

Category: Security | By Afam Nnaji on October, 29 2009

Understanding Web development costing

One of the most critical issues concerning web development is cost especially as web developers charge anything between free to a couple of millions of naira to develop websites or applications. Read more >>

Category: Software and Web Development | By Afam Nnaji on October, 19 2009

The problems with implementing solar powered street light projects

Over the last 2 years I have seen solar powered projects take off from traffic lights to street lights with varying degree of performance and reliability. Read more >>

Category: Energy and Power | By Afam Nnaji on October, 2 2009

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